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* 2014-MAR-13 [[media:Censorship.Presentation.pdf|$%#^&*, Censorship, a Concise Context]]
* 2014-MAR-13 [[media:Censorship.Presentation.pdf|$%#^&*, Censorship, a Concise Context]]
* 2014-MAY-15 [[media:Autonomy.Presentation.pdf|Autonomy, Another one of those "heady" presentations]]
* 2014-MAY-15 [[media:Autonomy.Presentation.pdf|Autonomy, Another one of those "heady" presentations]]
* 2014-JUN-17 [[media.Steganography-101.Presentation.pdf|Steganography 101, How to hide information, or "You'll never look at the Internet the same way ever again"]]
* 2014-JUN-19 [[media.Steganography-101.Presentation.pdf|Steganography 101, How to hide information, or "You'll never look at the Internet the same way ever again"]]
== HOWTOs ==
== HOWTOs ==

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We're going to be throwing a CryptoParty every second Thursday from 7-11pm. We have detailed directions if you're unfamiliar with the space. It's free! Just bring your laptop or other devices.

You don't have to sign up to come along - but if you do, it helps us prepare. Pseudonymous sign-ups are fine!

Drop in for a few minutes to ask a question or stay all evening and chat about privacy, security, and the interwebz.


What is a CryptoParty?

It's a lot of things in a lot of places. For most, it's a practical workshop for anyone interested in keeping their digital lives private.

Bring your laptops, netbooks, tablets and phones - we'll help you learn how to secure them and your communications:

  • full disk encryption for your computers and memory sticks;
  • encrypted email, text messages, IM on all your devices;
  • anonymous browsing and tracker-avoidance;
  • censorship circumvention;
  • password generation, databases and management;
  • keysigning / extending the web-of-trust.

If you have knowledge and skills to contribute in these or related areas please come along and share them with us!


  • ad-hoc discussion of the laws that govern who can access your stuff and when; and, at some point in the evening,
  • our regular round-up and discussion of some cryptography basics and the latest digital-rights news, opinions, and happenings.

Have more questions? Check out cryptoparty.org. And remember to party like it's 1984! (tin foil hats not included)

Code Examples

The demonstration where I pulled my own session keys to put them into the browser had a few commands associated with it. Here they are: https://gist.github.com/eldondev/5980868

This is the script I used to modify the .ovpn files from VPNGate so that the VPN settings could be easily imported into Ubuntu: extract.sh




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