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Ron Hinton

I'm Ron, I've danced on the backbones of the web, Sailed a black pirate ship past the statue of liberty, know the guts of the robots at Chuck-E-Cheese, and have documented the graffiti scrawled inside the panels of airplanes. Started and helped run a makerspace in Florida that unfortunately isn't there anymore (eaten by an alligator) , and I'm constantly trying to become more experienced in how everything works. I'm your first choice for an Apocalypse partner.

Been a freeside member since 2017.


  • Electromechanical systems repair
  • arcade games
  • laser cutters
  • traditional shop tools
  • Construction
  • log cabins
  • cars, motorcycles, and anything you can stick a carburetor on.
  • homebrewing wine
  • hot glue guns, and the uses thereof.

Possible Classes:

A list of classes to shame myself into having taught:

  • Car maintenance and basic repair (TAUGHT!)
  • Homebrewing wine (TAUGHT!)
  • Way too much about batteries (TAUGHT!)
  • Basic practical electronics for non-EEs
  • You SUCK at soldering, let's fix that
  • D&D map making (Cartography for places that never were)
  • building a PC