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01: 3D Printing


  • Griffin Brown


For general use by members. Maintenance beyond changing filament is not allowed except if given explicit permission. This includes removing the glass bed, bed leveling, and nozzle changes. Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.


  • Use only with the online interface (currently at http://end on the LAN)
  • Use with 1.75mm PLA or PLA variants only. Do not use PETG as this will destroy the bed.
  • Use the custom Cura profile only to print with this machine (TODO: provide profile file, make profiles for other slicers)


This is a Creality Ender 5 Plus with a Microswiss direct drive and Duet 3 Mini 5+ mainboard. It has a 350mm x 350mm x 400mm print volume. While it has a direct drive and could print other filaments, this machine is limited to only PLA for cost and usability reasons.

Basic Instructions

  • On any computer you are allowed access to, connect to the Freeside network and access the web interface using http://end (TODO: Change the printer hostname)
  • Upload the desired gcode file to the 'Jobs' tab of the interface
  • Click the desired file and begin print
  • Do not level the bed, this falls under maintenance and is not allowed
  • The machine can stay on indefinitely and should be left on, it doesn't like starting up on the Freeside network very much

Basic Operational Knowledge

  • How to home:
 Go to the main page on the web interface and select the 'Home' button in the axes section
  • How to slice and send to the printer:
 The 3D printing room has a computer with the correct profile installed in Cura. 
 Select the Chungus machine in Cura and the Chungus Standard profile.
 Open your model(s) and slice as normal. If you need to enable or disable supports, do so, but do not change any other settings.
 Export the files somewhere on the computer.
 Open the web interface and click the 'Jobs' tab.
 Click the 'Upload G Code' button, select your file, and wait for the upload.
 Click the file you just uploaded in that same tab to begin the print.
  • How to abort a failed job
 Click the 'Pause' and/or 'Stop' button on the 'Status' page on the web interface.
 If a print is particularly bad or the printer is at risk of damage' press 'Emergency Stop' in the top right corner.
  • How to properly remove a print once it has been completed
 Prints should self-release from the glass. It may take a small bit of force but you can just lift a print from the bed.
  • How to load and unload filament
 Heat up the hotend to 200c
 When at temperature, pull the lever on the extruder and pull out the current filament
 Pull off the spool and replace it with a new one
 Lead the filament underhand and around the holder (TODO: insert image) into the extruder, doing this is any other way causes feeding issues at the moment
 Use the lever again to push the new filament into the hotend
 Wait a few seconds and use the interface to extrude some filament
 If all looks good, disable the hotend using the interface
 If something went wrong, contact Griffin

Advanced Operational Knowledge

This is a loanation and a somewhat custom machine. Any advanced use will only be permitted on a case-by-case basis because of this. Just print PLA on it and be graced by the large lad.

Cura Preconfigured Profiles

(TODO: Upload Cura print profile(s))

  • Chungus Standard - Uses 0.2mm layer heights and a small brim to prevent warping. This is a good all around profile.

Other Preconfigured Profiles

(TODO: Slic3r profile) (TODO: Simplify 3D profile) (TODO: PrusaSlicer profile)

Specifications and Detailed Instructions

TODO: complete specifications, links to documentation, etc.


  • This machine can only use PLA and PLA variants. Do not use PETG *EVER*. Do not print higher temp materials on Chungus, use the High Temp Printer for that.
  • Do NOT level this machine manually or with mesh leveling. It is well tuned and leveling is a long process. Contact Griffin if you think the print it out of level.
  • This printer is very large. Be mindful of large prints both in terms of hogging the machine and in terms of filament usage.


  • This machine has an open area in the front. This will hopefully get covered in a screen one day. Until that day, do not be an idiot and go sticking your fingers in there.

Proposed Improvements - Anybody is welcome to offer help with these!

  • A Duet 5i or 7i touch screen for usability, especially when WiFi decides to be a jerk
  • A new spool holder, especially one that can help accommodate larger filament spools
  • New part cooling duct