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This page is for discussion about a planned cycle of improvements to Freeside.

A Punch List of tasks to be accomplished is here.

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* Projects
** Electrical

Floorplan submitted by Slade

Some deliverables absolutely require a licensed electrician. Given that, we aim to identify all deliverables that do require an electrician, as well as other deliverables that can better be addressed by an electrician, assuming that we engage one for a deliverable requiring a permit.

Installing power for the kiln (many Freesiders await the ability to use our fine kiln) requires 240V power, and hence a permit, and hence a licensed electrician. A number of other desired improvements would benefit from the installation of 240V power in convenient places. Installing power more conveniently located in the non-metal area of the workshop would require 120V power, and woul require a permit, and hence an electrician.

Some deliverables might not require a permit or licensed electrician, such as connecting wired outlets to existing power in junction boxes.

We need to finalize our agenda for use when conferring with an electrician. Jud has contacted two. One has responded. However, these quotes will not address the agenda we will soon create, so these quotes will be used as references.

*** In Scope

**** Need an electrician
***** 220V
****** Power requirements 
- 50A to welding table (drop from ceiling, plug to match current MIG welder)
- 50A to kiln (plug to match kiln) Can run along the back side of the wall above the door openings, or ceiling
- At least 30A to air compressor (plug to match compressor) Can run along the back side of the wall above the door openings, or ceiling

***** 120V
- lights outside in the back need to be wired in. The two outer ones are new installs, the center one is old and may not work. 
- add a switched circuit for lighting over the machine shop and auto bay. Switch should be located near the west door, switched junction boxes on the ceiling near the back of the bays (this will allow someone coming in from the back of the space to turn lights on once we have access control) Freeside can install appropriate lighting fixtures here once the wiring is there to support it. 
- add more 120 to the East wall and South wall of the shop (where the miter saw is) from one of the main junction boxes for additional power tool usage. 1 4 gang plug centrally located on the South wall, one 2 gang plug on the East wall every X (10?) feet all the way to the back of the space*, including the auto bay. From this Freeside will take care of running the floor channels as needed based upon the shop layout. *If it is easier to run 120 to the East wall in the auto bay from the West wall while running the for the compressor and kiln, that works too. 

*** Out of scope/Freeside can handle

**** Might not need an electrician
****** light in kitchen
Do not want to use outlet just above light because that is not switched
****** Connect power to Form1 room
Existing work
****** Connect power to Art wall
Existing work
****** lights in hallway
Existing work

**** Do not need an electrician
Inspect every wall and ceiling for outlet boxes or junction boxes that need faces or prot holes covered

*** Considering to Move Into Scope
**** [Empty]
  • Electricians Contacted:
  • Greg Pica of Socket Doctors
  • No document (quote or estimate) received yet. (27 September)
  • Twon of AG Electrical LLC
  • Phone: +1-470-301-7696

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