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This section of the wiki was made before Freeside moved from it's original location to it's new location in 2020. It's preserved on the wiki until it's corrected to reflect our new location and may not be representative of what our current facility is. Please reach out to hello@fresideatlanta.org if you have any questions.

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3D Printing is a very popular facet of the maker/hacker movement. Though they are still a bit difficult to use/calibrate, they are capable of printing 3D items based on CAD models and using extruded filament.


3D Printing

  • Repetierhost used by the Freeside terminal to generate gcode from .stl files and command the 3D printers
  • Slic3r is integrated with repetier host above or used as a stand alone to generate machine readable gcode from an .stl 3D model
  • Cura LulzBot branded flavor of Cura, included with the LulzBot Mini
  • Marlin firmware running on all 3 machines

CAD/3D Modeling

Any software that can generate an .stl 3D image file is suitable. Below is an incomplete list of popular options.

  • openscad.org
  • tinkercad.com
  • blender.org
  • sketchup.com
  • AutoDesk (various products)


Current Projects

  • Rebuild the AO-100
  • Replace the heated bed and power supply on the Kraken


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